We are the 2020/2021 group of graduates from the study programs in Jewellery and Gemstones from the Trier University of Applied Sciences, Idar-Oberstein campus.
Alejandra, Birgit, Erika, Jasmin, Jean, Levan, Martín, Oles, Silvia, Tia, Valérie, Vendula... names that when reading them, might give hints to different origins, nationalities, cultures.

We gathered as a group, getting to know each other in Idar-Oberstein, coming from very diverse backgrounds. Some of us have explored the world of stones and have been working with jewellery for many years; others come from different paths, still fascinated by science, craft, and art. Paths we have crossed to meet similar expectations.

Traveling together through our worlds and for our jewellery projects, we want to share our journey and stories with others. This, developed in a making process that repeatedly went back and forth, until there was a “fitting” or at least “growing” into the direction which felt right.

We like the idea of letting our hands talk for us, still staying connected to our concerns. The presented works examine the intimate and universal through personal themes, with emotional intensity and gestural marking, expressed in the medium of contemporary jewellery.


This period had to come to an end. At this moment in time, individuals becoming a group, like family members living a specific time lap together. Each of us telling a story, following the questions that are moving us, daring to communicate them, leaving us torn between the desire to make and seeing someone wear our final works, letting go.

We enter the exit...


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