“I consider that histories, memories and experiences do not remain static but are covered over and over with emotions and concepts. One may hide another, but it rarely hides it completely. I therefore use a making process that may lend to multiple readings. All of my latest works related to this idea derive from earlier ones. I first mould those jewellery pieces, crafting an echo from my past. The progression to the next moment occurs when the matter I use for the reproduction sets, leaving a restrained and pale materiality. This deception, caused by the overwriting, suggests a requirement for filling and this approach predicts a period of contemplation and experiment. As the construction of the new does not start from a complete blank page, I seek to embrace the void. Moving forward sometimes means to resume, discard, adapt and create again. Embodied again as one in the solidified material, presence and absence become part of my practice and the new sense.“

︎._RING (ROUND) ︎Ring
aluminium, silver, copper, gold, lead
4,1 x 4,3 x 3 cm

︎ ._VARIED LOT ︎Necklace
aluminium, silver, copper, gold
Pendant: 8 x 5,5 x 1,1 cm

plastic, aluminium foil, silver, copper, gold
6x 5 x 4 cm

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