" Spatial perception occupies every human being. For, without perception there is no existence...
Jewelry can also be considered as a medium for sharpening our senses regarding spatial perception. The most important point here is movement, which is made possible by the presence of space. The work itself as well as the viewer being in motion, this creates a more flexible perspective. Space between individual parts of the pieces seemingly varies, just as the space between viewer, wearer and piece of jewelry becomes flexible. Furthermore, there is still a space between the wearer and the piece, partially but not visible from every perspective, which can be very intimately charged.

Not only the real space between the jewelry piece and the carrier, but also the case of a non-existent space can require an intensification of perception. What happens when a geometric body seems to invade the organic human body, which in contrast to the geometric space seems very indefinable, unstable, and vulnerable?

Most of my work deals with relationships between positive material spaces, negative empty spaces, and implied spaces. Much of the perception of the works is done through implicit perception, the relationships are perceived long before they enter our consciousness. "

︎ KORPUS_KONTUR II ︎Body Piece
stainless steel, limewood,
31 x 21 x 5,5 cm

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