“ In material explorations, I find the media to articulate avoided speeches. Precisely, I inquire the Colombian armed conflict’s scope, which has crossed the limits of time and remains imperceptibly embodied on its witnesses.

My work explores the transformations that the body undergoes after the trauma of recurrent violence, indelible marks that penetrate deeper into the flow of identity construction. Memory and body are connected, and in the traces of their force lies the material testimony of the past.

Repeatedly breaking, abrading, and reconstructing enduring stone, the passage of time is recorded. The fragility of metal is put to the maximum test, vulnerabilities that all together, sustain with ample strength. Similar to the body that, despite its clashes, remains. And to recognize its struggles is then necessary for restoration.“

︎COCA I ︎Necklace
basalt, quartz, shibuichi, black pigments
5,2 x 8,3 x 14,5 cm

︎AMARRADOS ︎Pendant
Granite, shibuichi
6 x 4 x 50 cm

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