ANGLING ︎ “Attack or avoid; to bite or not to bite. Similar to the situation where the fish encounters the bait, human being bumps into the thoughts almost every day - believe or be deceived. Both, the fish and the people, are exposed to doubt before they finally decide on one or the other option. Usually, we get mislead if we believe in what is not real or if we refuse to believe in what is real.
As well, modern individuals use a variety of approaches to fulfil their desires, which is, to me, similar to the principle of angling. I have experienced how women and men use all kinds of tricks to seduce each other. This seduction may not only be intended in a positive way and consequences, especially if the other is deceived, can be quite negative.
Based on these ideas, I asked myself whimsical questions: If fish could engage to lure humans, what tricks and baits would they use on us? How do we “hook up” with someone today? What seductive tools are in vogue and through what kind of methods are they applied?
Looking at society, I consider the role of the jewellery artist as one of an angler, the one who looks for special ways, motifs, and actions to tempt, lure, and who finally catches “the big fish” (customer). The jewellery, “the bait”, is created with the hope for successful catches and in order “to snag the prey”. To provoke a smart fish to bite the sharp hook, the bait itself has to have the appropriate seductive power. Therefore, and to provoke a strong attraction to the observer of my works, I have aimed to emphasise the notion of curiosity. Each of my pieces represents a small situation, which may recall stories to the viewers, still leaving them space to discover their own. I create my works from different materials and shapes, even with smooth surfaces, so that people want to touch and feel them. Their shapes speak for themselves, which makes the observers become meditative and lets their own emotions and fantasies unfold. Last but not least, each work invites a metaphorical reflection.
Being a tool for the art of seduction, I consider my jewellery and objects to become an essential part of the image we like to build from ourselves. Much more than making us reflect on new aspects, in my opinion, they are complementary to this notion and reveal what makes us human and what gives each of us a sense of identity."

︎ MENSCHENHAKEN I (Human Hook I) ︎Brooch
aquamarine, wood
3,4 x 10,6 x 19,3 cm

︎ MENSCHENHAKEN II (Human Hook II) ︎Brooch
aquamarine, wood
3,7 x 6,8 x 13,2 cm

︎ MENSCHENHAKEN III (Human Hook III) ︎Brooch
3,8 x 8,6 x 14,4 cm

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